Exploring the Future of Pharmacy: Will Pharmacists Don an Apple Vision Pro?

February 15, 2024by Todd Eury
Imagine a future where pharmacists, equipped with the latest in augmented reality, serve you not from behind the counter but from wherever you are, with all the information they need floating in their field of vision. This isn’t a scene from a sci-fi movie; it’s a potential reality brought closer by the advent of Apple Vision Pro. With its launch, the device has already broken new ground, sparked discussions across industries, and pharmacy is no exception. Is the Apple Vision Pro the new iPad or iPhone of healthcare, set to revolutionize how pharmacists engage with their work and patients?
The Apple Vision Pro stands at the precipice of new opportunities for pharmacists, having quickly gained traction as a tool that could redefine engagement. The question now is whether it will become a ubiquitous tool in pharmacies, much like how iPads and iPhones have become essential in our daily lives. This device could be the next leap forward, offering a new form factor that revolutionizes engagement and interaction within the pharmacy setting.
Unlocking New Opportunities
  1. Perpetual Inventory Counts with Automatic Barcode Scanning: The Apple Vision Pro can transform inventory management. Pharmacists could conduct perpetual inventory counts effortlessly, with the device’s ability to automatically scan barcodes, ensuring accurate and real-time tracking of stock levels.
  2. Patient and Medication Verification Using External Cameras: The external cameras on the Apple Vision Pro offer a promising solution for patient and medication verification. This could significantly reduce errors, ensuring that patients receive the correct medications, thereby enhancing safety and trust.
  3. Adverse Event Recording and Reporting Using AI: With AI integration, the Apple Vision Pro could revolutionize how adverse events are recorded and reported. The device’s capability to record engagements and analyze them for any signs of adverse reactions could make reporting both efficient and proactive.
  4. Personalization Opportunities: The Apple Vision Pro opens up unprecedented personalization opportunities. Recognizing patients and tailoring interactions to their needs could become seamless, allowing pharmacists to step away from the desk and engage directly with patients, offering a more personalized and engaging service.
Navigating the Limitations

However, the adoption of Apple Vision Pro in pharmacies is not without its challenges and limitations.

  1. Patient Privacy Considerations: A major concern is the handling of patient information. Will the data captured by the device be shared with Apple or other third parties? The implications for patient privacy are significant, requiring careful consideration and safeguards.
  2. Data Storage and Cybersecurity: The storage of sensitive health data raises questions about cybersecurity. Where will the data be stored, and how will it be protected from breaches? These are critical considerations for any technology handling health information.
  3. State Consumer Protection Laws: The introduction of such advanced technology in pharmacies may face challenges from state consumer protection laws, especially if there are failures that affect patient care.
  4. Unclear State Board of Pharmacy Expectations: As with any new technology in healthcare, there will be a period of uncertainty regarding regulations and expectations from state boards of pharmacy. Navigating these expectations will be key to the successful integration of the Apple Vision Pro.
  5. Impact on the Pharmacy Workforce: There’s a concern that the scope of practice for pharmacy technicians may expand as a result of this technology, potentially leading to a reduction in pharmacist jobs at a time when the market is already saturated.
Where to Go Next

In navigating the complexities and opportunities presented by the introduction of Apple Vision Pro in the pharmacy sector, it’s crucial for pharmacies to seek legal guidance to ensure compliance with all regulatory, privacy, and cybersecurity requirements. This is where reaching out to pharmacy-specialized law firms becomes invaluable. The Kulkarni Law Firm, under the guidance of Darshan Kulkarni, stands out as a beacon of expertise in this arena.

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