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February 28, 2024by Todd Eury

Since 2016, with the release of the Medical PotCast with Jospeh Friedman, RPh., the Pharmacy Podcast Network has been a pioneer in developing and distributing reliable content on cannabis and the pharmacist’s role for public health. Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring the safe and effective usage of medical cannabis for various health conditions, including sleep assistance, pain management, mood enhancement, and chronic diseases. By working collaboratively with physicians, pharmacists can tailor treatments to individual patient needs, optimizing outcomes and minimizing risks. They provide valuable expertise on the administration of cannabis products, potential drug interactions, and the nuanced effects of cannabidiol and other compounds found in cannabis. Patients can rely on pharmacists for guidance on dosing regimens, potential side effects, and how to integrate cannabis therapy with existing medications or therapies. Through education and consultation, pharmacists contribute significantly to keeping the public safe while harnessing the potential benefits of medical cannabis.

The Cannabis Pharmacy Network is a partnership with Josh Kent and Steve McCarty with Coastal Distributors, Cannabis Pharmacy Network, which distributes the highest quality cannabis, CBD, Kratom, and other products backed by product information and education for pharmacists.

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