An Exclusive Series on COVID-19

February 7, 2024by Todd Eury
‘Superman’ Pharmacist Vaccinates Thousands in His Hometown   

In this first episode, Pharmacy Podcast Network founder and CEO, Todd Eury, spoke with Dr. Mayank “Mak” Amin, owner of Skippack Pharmacy in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, about his motivation behind the clinic’s impressive Phase 1a rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. At the height of the pandemic, the clinic vaccinated residents at a rate of 300 per hour, and they’ve successfully vaccinated thousands since then. Dressed at times as Superman, “Dr. Mak” says he’s representing all the health care heroes saving lives during the pandemic and endemic. Hear more about his caped crusade to save lives through vaccination. Dr. Mack nicknamed “Superman” due to his costume he dons, is the owner of Skippack Pharmacy, a small, independent pharmacy in Skippack, Pennsylvania. He is also one of the few providers in the state who has a freezer cold enough to store the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19. Black Doctor’s COVID-19 Consortium administered 4,000 COVID-19 shots in one day In the past few months, he has vaccinated more than 15,000 people in Montgomery County against the virus. For every clinic, he dresses as Superman. He says he feels like a superhero helping protect the community against the coronavirus.

Even Post-Pandemic, COVID-19 Remains a Health Concern and Vaccines Work

Ravina Kullar, PharmD, MPH, FIDSA, an Infectious Disease pharmacist and Epidemiologist, spoke with Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) founder and CEO, Todd Eury, about the importance of remaining vigilant against COVID-19 and staying up to date with vaccinations. Dr. Kullar specifically touched on anti-microbial resistance, which arises from an overutilization of antibiotics and inappropriate dosing. She also stressed to pharmacists that even post-pandemic it is important to vaccinate everyone, not only against COVID-19, but also against influenza, pneumonia, and RSV. Though a healthy immune system does a terrific job of fighting these viruses, as Dr. Kullar noted, vaccines are essential in providing our systems with the extra boost they need, particularly in those who are immunocompromised. Dr. Ravina Kullar is a pioneer in studying and combating antibiotic resistance–one of the greatest threats to global health. As one of the foremost global experts on infectious diseases, Dr. Kullar has published over 30 research papers on antibiotic resistance, and she strives to empower everyone in the world to be part of the solution.

Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy; Dr. Edo-Abasi McGee on Vaccine Equity

Edo-Abasi McGee, PharmD, BCPS, joins PPN founder and CEO, Todd Eury, to discuss ways to reduce vaccine hesitancy, specifically in communities of color, and how to navigate a world in which the COVID-19 pandemic is now endemic. Dr. McGee reviews a paper she and her colleagues published, which provides guidance on how to help control public messaging to reduce vaccine hesitancy and promote vaccine equity. Dr. McGee is an associate professor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy. Her practice and research interests include antimicrobial stewardship, antimicrobial allergies, antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and active learning and teaching.

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