Brownsville, PA – April 19, 2024 – The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN), a leading platform for pharmacy professionals, proudly announces its comprehensive coverage of the American Pharmacists Association’s (APhA) 2024 Annual Conference, held from March 22 to 24 in Orlando. Dr. Candace Olusola, PharmD, CEO, and founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, alongside her co-host Todd Eury, were embedded into the heart of the event, conducting over 30 interviews and creating a five-part post-show special feature.

Themed “Unleash the Power of Pharmacy,” the APhA 2024 conference aimed to explore and propel the transformation of the pharmacy profession. PPN hosts engaged with key figures and thought leaders, delving into critical topics shaping the future of pharmacy. The coverage not only provided valuable insights but also showcased the dynamic evolution of pharmacy practice.

Among the notable interviews featured in the PPN’s coverage:

  1. Keynote Speaker Ryan Leak: Sharing leadership insights and resources, Ryan Leak set the tone for the conference, emphasizing the pivotal role of pharmacists in healthcare.
  2. Jon Kennedy, CEO of Charlotte’s Web ECS Distribution: Delving into the pharmacology of cannabinoids and the growing impact of CBD products, Kennedy shed light on the evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals and patient care.
  3. PharmD Candidate Sarah Thompson: Offering a glimpse into the aspirations of future pharmacists, Thompson highlighted the enthusiasm and commitment driving the next generation of pharmacy professionals.
  4. Walter Oronsaye, Instagram influencer: Known as the “Phit Pharmacist,” Dr. Oronsaye brought his unique perspective on health and wellness to the forefront, resonating with audiences both online and at the conference.
  5. Jaron Strout, Owner of Collaborative Pharmacy Consulting: Dr. Strout shared insights into the collaborative efforts shaping the future of pharmacy practice, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and innovation.
  6. Brittany Messer, Cardiology-focused Pharmacist: Discussing the intersection of pharmacy and cardiology, Dr. Messer underscored the expanding role of pharmacists in specialized areas of healthcare.
  7. Paul Sinclair, President of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP): Offering a global perspective, Sinclair highlighted the contrasts and commonalities in pharmacy practice worldwide, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

The extensive coverage by PPN extended beyond traditional boundaries, featuring interviews with industry leaders, influencers, and emerging voices within the pharmacy community. From discussions on technology and disease management to advocacy and professional development, the PPN’s coverage encapsulated the breadth and depth of the APhA 2024 conference.

As the conference drew to a close, Dr. Michael Hogue, CEO of the American Pharmacists Association, expressed his gratitude for the impactful coverage provided by the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Looking ahead, attendees were invited to mark their calendars for the APhA 2025 conference in Nashville, Tennessee.


Leadership was a big theme at this years American Pharmacists Association
APhA 2024 Annual Meeting.

#Pharmacists are the unsung leaders of public health, playing an increasingly vital role in expanding access to healthcare services and improving patient outcomes. Beyond dispensing medications, they lead as trusted advisors, educators, and advocates for wellness. With their specialized knowledge and expertise, pharmacists are at the forefront of promoting medication safety, managing chronic conditions, and providing crucial healthcare guidance to individuals and communities. Their impact goes far beyond the pharmacy counter, shaping the future of healthcare delivery and contributing significantly to the overall well-being of society. In a world where health challenges are constantly evolving, pharmacists stand as pillars of support, driving positive change and inspiring healthier lives for all.

In this episode we hear from:

Ryan Leak
Speakerpreneur, Best-Selling Author
The Ryan Leak Group, LLC.

Jon Kennedy
Charlotte’s Web and ECS Distribution
Owner-Manager | ECS Distribution – B2B Wholesale Cannabinoids

Sarah (Zamiela) Thompson
Pharmacy Candidate at South College School of Pharmacy

Dr. Walter Oronsaye PharmD
Influencer & Disruptor

Dr. Jaron Stout, PharmD, FASCP,
Industry Disruptor & Thought Leader

Dr. Brittany Messer, PharmD, CTTS, AACC
Cardiology Clinical Pharmacist at Marshall Health


In this episode we hear from:

Paul Sinclair – President of the International Pharmaceutical Federation

Marci Strauss

President of the Maryland Pharmacists Association (MPhA), Pharmacy Leader & Innovator

Lauren Simko, Pharm.D. RPh.

Regional Account Director | Pharmacy Executive | Director of Pharmacy | VP of Pharmacy Product & Operations

Aska Patel

Diverse Conversations Podcast | Founder @ Acuvise Consultancy Inc. | PharmD, Health Tech

 Candace (Candie) Olusola, RPh, PharmD, MPH

KY representative for #PizzaIsNotWorking | KY Board of Pharmacy D&I Task Force VP

Sarah Crowell

Student Pharmacist


In this episode, we talk with:

P2 Pharmacy Student from University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy Mary Zetterberg

Todd Eury interviews one of the 50 Most Influential People of Pharmacy 2023 awards, P4 Pharmacy Student & multiple association leader Haley McKeefer 

Dr. Candace Olusola interviews the co-founder of Black Women in Charge, Inc. and Pharmacy Student Brea Stephens at Regis University School of Pharmacy.

We interview Aspiring Industry Pharmacist and P2 Pharmacy Student Madelynn Aeitts with Drake University School of Pharmacy 

Pharmacy 50 Award winner the 2nd Most Influential Person in Pharmacy 2023, Community Pharmacy owner and Pharmacy Gladiator founder Dr. Jay Phipps.


The fourth episode is packed with some incredible people in pharmacy.

Commander Lindsay Wagner with the FDA Division of Drug Information. Check out all of the FDA’s podcasts, search for ‘Q and A with FDA‘ on all podcast platforms including the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

Pharmacy Podcast Network member — ReziPrep 360 creator Dr. Saley Traore-Uwalaka who won the APhA 2024 PharmTANK competition talks with Candace about her mission to help pharmacists exploring residency.

The APhA 2024 Keynote speaker, F-14 Fighter Pilot, and two times Wall Street Journal Best selling Author of Span of Control, and also Fearless Leadership, Carey Lohrenz, learn more about Carey’s mission and exciting background at Carey Lohrenz dot com.

Dixie Leikach CEO of PEER Rx, which stands for Pharmacy Ethics, Education & Resources known as PEER talks with Todd Eury about their mission to improve the profession of pharmacy.


Dean Muensterman is the Senior National Account Manager at Insulet Corporation the parent company of the OmniPod, talks with Todd about advanced technology in diabetes management.

Sebastian Florida Pharmacy owner Theresa Tolle RPh., is an immediate past Board of Directors member of the APhA and owns the Bay Street Pharmacy caring for Indian River County residents.

Bill Holmes is the CEO of RxSafe, an ITW Company, pharmacy automation leaders for the community, long term care, and sepcialty pharmacy markets share about giving back to the future of pharmacy.

The CEO of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, the N A S P, Shelia Arquette talks about pharmacy association collaboration and leadership in our profession.

Neovations known as NEO MED, founder and CEO & Pharmacist Kunal Amin shares his vision for better disease management through technology and education.

Community Pharmacist and Associate Professor of Pharmacy at West Virginia School of Pharmacy Dr. Gretchen Garofoli

CEO of the American Pharmacist Association Dr. Michael Hogue closes our press coverage for this empowering podcast series, the APhA Podcast Post-Show. Don’t forget to join us in Nashville Tennessee for the APhA 2025 next March.