Jessica Langley Loep




Jessica Langley-Loep, MS is the co-host of the On Script Podcast. In partnership with NHA, ON Script is a podcast dedicated to all things “Pharmacy Technician,” to provide a platform for engagement and further professionalization of the pharmacy technician workforce.

Jessica is the Executive Director of Education and Advocacy for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), a leading allied health education resource and , certification exam provider. Her role at NHA puts her at the forefront of national efforts to influence allied health education and training, certification acceptance and regulation throughout the United States.

Jessica is a clinician by trade and has held national certifications for the past 20 years. Working alongside physicians and health care professionals, she is committed to guiding and enhancing quality patient care across health care settings. She has published an array of articles about and is regularly invited to speak on topics such as the role of certification, regulatory advances and industry trends in the allied health.