Darshan Kulkarni Pharm.D, MS, Esq.




Darshan is the Principal Attorney of the Kulkarni Law Firm and focuses his practice on providing healthcare companies with comprehensive regulatory advice.  He has spent over 20 years helping clients navigate complex pharmacy related issues. His clients have included regulatory assistance, FDA inspections, telepharmacy considerations, research pharmacy audits and compounding pharmacy issues. He has served as a pharmacist for almost two decades.

Darshan has served on pharmacy boards including the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance and has assisted with issues involving pharmacy on behalf of the American Bar Association where he is Chair of the Life Sciences Interest Group.

Darshan is also a contributor to the Pharmacy Network Podcast and regularly gives his input on emerging developments in pharmacy.  He has also written several book chapters on compounding pharmacies for the publication Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine, and has written for the International Journal on Pharmacy Compounding including an article on pharmacy inspections titled, “Compounding Pharmacies: Before and After an Inspection.”

You can find Darshan on LinkedIn or contact directly at Darshan@conformlaw.com.