Jeremy Sasser




Jeremy Sasser is co-host of the On Script Podcast. On Script is a podcast dedicated to all things “Pharmacy Technician,” to provide a platform for engagement and further professionalization of the pharmacy technician workforce supported by NHA.

As an in-house subject matter expert (SME) for pharmacy technicians, Jeremy is a strategic thought leader at NHA, giving a voice for pharmacy technicians, forecasting trends in content and education and continually advocating for patient safety. Jeremy has dedicated his professional career to the pharmacy industry, supporting education, certification and championing opportunities for technicians overall.

He began working in a pharmacy during high school where he found a flexible, part-time job that fit his schedule. Along the way, Jeremy developed a true passion for the field and realized the impact pharmacy had on healthcare as a whole. He volunteered to take on more responsibilities, received a promotion and his part-time job became a full-on career path.

After earning his pharmacy technician certification and receiving his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Jeremy was ready to put his years of experience into practice. During this time he began teaching, maintaining that education and quality training play vital roles in the growth of the pharmacy industry.In 2013, Jeremy started working at Albertsons as the pharmacy operations specialist, eventually accepting a promotion to manager in specialty pharmacy. There, he helped provide specialty pharmacy services to over 1,800 Albertsons/Safeway pharmacies nationwide, and managed 20 specialty pharmacy technicians.

Throughout his career Jeremy has followed his passion and created his own career ladder, leading him from one opportunity to the next and eventually to his current role at NHA. Jeremy lives in the Kansas City Metro area with his wife, Lindsey, and three children, Liam, Malia, and Amelia.