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Sheilds Health Solutions – Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Series

Improving lives and elevating performance is at the heart of everything Sheilds Health Solutions does as one of the largest integrated specialty pharmacies in the nation. The Sheilds team dedicates their patient support programs, experiences, and data platforms to help reduce costs, achieve better clinical outcomes and accelerate system-wide growth. In this podcast episode, we...

Addressing Medication Affordability & Adherence – Surescripts Reaches More than Half of all U.S. Prescribers

Surescripts delivers patient-specific benefit information to prescriber and pharmacist workflows, to improve medication adherence and patient care while reducing cost barriers for the patient. Surescripts announced a significant milestone in the adoption of its Real-Time Prescription Benefit solutions, including: A 7.5% increase of Real-Time Prescription Benefit usage by prescribers, representing more than half of all prescribers in the United...