“My Dexcom changed my life.” Real World Experiences with Dexcom G6 | Real-time Real Talk by Dexcom (02)

June 21, 2022by Todd Eury


Real-time Real Talk by Dexcom

Episode 2


In this podcast episode, our host Cher Pastore sat down with Matthew Vogel and Jami Klein – Dexcom employees and Dexcom users. Jami is a nurse and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. She has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1988. Matt is a Senior Director of Marketing, focusing on Strategic Partnerships, working with insulin pump and pen integration companies, as well as Digital Health partners. Matt is also living with Type 1 diabetes. They share their personal experiences living with diabetes, their experiences using Dexcom connected devices, and how RT-CGM has improved their lives!

Dexcom, Inc. empowers people to take control of diabetes through innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Dexcom has emerged as a leader of diabetes care technology. By listening to the needs of users, caregivers, and providers, Dexcom simplifies and improves diabetes management around the world.

Disclaimer: This podcast is not approved for CME credit. Every diabetes treatment plan is different, individual results may vary – nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered medical advice. All claims are supported by clinical evidence referenced in the show notes. For clinical study results, please refer to Dexcom G6 User Guide. For product-related questions, please refer to instructions for use. For complete safety information, go to dexcom.com/safety-information Smart devices are sold separately. For a list of compatible smart device visit Dexcom.com/compatibility

Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.

Data from collaborator devices and products must be verified by those collaborator devices and products. Users should confirm data and connections with their collaborator devices and products.

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (Dexcom G6 System) is a real time, continuous glucose monitoring device indicated for the management of diabetes in persons aged 2 years and older.

Dexcom G6 System User Guide

Safety Information https://www.dexcom.com/safety-information

Connectivity – basics (https://provider.dexcom.com/dexcom-cgm/collaborators)

About Dexcom https://www.dexcom.com/about-Dexcom

Brief Safety Statement

Failure to use the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (G6) and its components according to the instructions for use provided with your device and available at https://www.dexcom.com/safety-information and to properly consider all indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and cautions in those instructions for use may result in you missing a severe hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) occurrence and/or making a treatment decision that may result in injury. If your glucose alerts and readings from the G6 do not match symptoms or expectations or you’re taking over the recommended maximum dosage amount of 1000mg of acetaminophen every 6 hours, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions. Seek medical advice and attention when appropriate, including for any medical emergency.

The web-based Dexcom CLARITY software is intended for use by both home users and healthcare professionals to assist people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals in the review, analysis, and evaluation of historical CGM data to support effective diabetes management. It is intended for use as an accessory to Dexcom CGM devices with data interface capabilities. Caution: The software does not provide any medical advice and should not be used for that purpose. Home users must consult a healthcare professional before making any medical interpretation and therapy adjustments from the information in the software. Caution: Healthcare professionals should use information in the software in conjunction with other clinical information available to them. Caution: Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare professional.

Dexcom, Dexcom Follow, Dexcom CLARITY, and Dexcom Share are registered trademarks of Dexcom, Inc. in the U.S., and may be registered in other countries.

Tandem Important Safety Information

Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System Safety Information

InPen Safety Information


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