Pharmacy Podcast Network announces new partnership with ConveyMED

July 18, 2022by Todd Eury

Collaboration between Industry-Leading Podcast Educators

ConveyMED, a division of Convey Pro, Inc. today announced a new partnership with the Pharmacy Podcast Network. With ConveyMED, PPN content creators can now deliver a superior educational experience to pharmacists on a proprietary podcast platform designed to optimize the medical education experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to provide mobile medical education to the integrated treatment team,” says Mike Donoghue, CEO at ConveyMED. “The PPN is a pioneer in podcast medical education. Our vision is to elevate podcasting as a medium for medical education for all healthcare providers and we welcome all pharmacists to the industry-leading ConveyMED App.”

“The Pharmacy Podcast Network has been searching for a platform like ConveyMED for years,” stated Todd S. Eury, founder and CEO of PPN.  “Our vision is to provide peer-reviewed, accredited content to our listeners to help them achieve their educational goals and improve patient care.  The ConveyMED App exceeds our expectations, and their Founders are committed to a bold new educational experience for healthcare providers.”

In this partnership, Content Creators will have access to a podcast platform that will allow them to broaden their educational offerings and monetize their content. Pharmacists will benefit by accessing peer-reviewed educational content in a popular mobile format and earn continuing education credit on-the-go.  ConveyMED invites all 130,000+ monthly PPN listeners to its platform.

The first premium audio content to be released on the ConveyMED platform will be the NAPLEX Podcast developed by Dr. Chloe Givens PharmD. The NAPLEX Podcast is a supplemental learning collection of 70+ podcast episodes to help pharmacy students prepare for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination.

Interested in working with other Podcast Content Creators? 

Contact us: https://conveymed.io/pharmacy-podcast-network/ 

About ConveyMED: ConveyMED is Medical Education for the Mobile Generation. We exist to bring educators and professional learners together on a podcast platform built for continuing education and provide them with the most robust podcast learning experience possible.

For more information, visit the ConveyMED website, Twitter, or LinkedIn

About the Pharmacy Podcast Network: The first network of podcasters dedicated to the pharmacy industry, PPN boasts 40+ content developers, 125,000 listeners, and is ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts globally. The PPN partners with multiple leading organizations such as the American Pharmacist Association, the California Pharmacist Association, and Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association, and the National Association of Specialty Pharmacies.  PPN was awarded the 2022 Health & IT Marketing Community (HITMC) Podcast of the Year.