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July 9, 2020by Todd Eury

Your Weekly Class Schedule – Just In Case You Need It

The Class for Marketing & Outreach Scheduled at 12PM will be a LISTEN ONLY opportunity for you to hear RXVIP Concierge management discuss engaging with a potential client.  DO NOT dial into the Class Schedule numbers previously provided but instead used the link below.


Listen and collect questions you may have for our next conversation we have in our regular class.

Join Zoom Meeting @ 12PM EST 

Meeting ID: 858 8077 5244
Password: 018712


When Ken Sternfeld, the Founder of RXVIP Concierge starting doing podcasts, the company and it’s vision of enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the health care continuum really began to blossom. With 70,000+ listeners & subscribers and over 1050 episodes, the Pharmacy Podcast Network is where we began to spread our wings and fly.

It all started with PGx For Pharmacist Podcast

Listen to conversations in this series and be prepared to give your comments and perspective on the guests and the topics during our PGx For Pharmacist class on Friday at 11:00 AM EST. You can listen to this show and others by visiting www.pharmacypodcast.com.

We are grateful for the support we have received from Todd Eury, Founder and Publisher for his unwavering support of our concierge approach to patient care. Without PPN Nation, this paradigm shift in the way Pharmacists can practice at the height of their diploma and professional license would not have become a reality.  Please subscribe and support the Pharmacy Podcast Network as they are a friend of the pharmacy profession and an advocate for your success.

Here is a recent episode on Sickle Cell Anemia which I want you to listen to.

You will hear Todd advocate for RXVIP so let’s show the love by sharing this across all your social media platforms and contacts:

Over two years ago, we expanded the reach of RXVIP Concierge by moving over to a radio platform called Helium Radio. www.heliumradio.com. It was there that we launched The Concierge Pharmacist Show, which was broadcast LIVE to a consumer base of close to 6 Million listeners. Over the years, we have recorded over 60 shows which guests from across the country and across the globe. You can listen to a recent broadcast with a wonderful guest, Dr.Stephanie Bishop, PharmD which we hope you enjoy. https://heliumradio.com/podcast/the-concierge-pharmacist-show-episode-59/

Please tune in every Friday at 3PM while you are on rotation as you may be surprised when one of your classmates takes the microphone to tell their story. This show was created for YOUR VOICE to be heard so our hope is that you will be inspired to be a guest on a show the last Friday you are with us at RXVIP Concierge. Click the link below to listen to all the shows that have been recorded to date. Enjoy listening to them as The Concierge Pharmacist is talking to you.

There is a very engaging podcast series that you should check out called Healthcare Confidential, with Theresa Jacobelis. Listen to some of her interviews as you go behind the scenes where business and health meet.

This link will take you there.

Take the time allocated to you on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning between 9:00AM & 11:00 AM or anytime while you are on rotation or afterwards to enjoy the conversations on all these podcasts. There is content there that is valuable as you look to advance your career.  Maybe one day you try it and see