The Pharmacist’s Impact on Mental Health

August 6, 2020by Todd Eury

New Podcast Series Coming Soon:

At the young age of 36, Dr Monica Krishnan lost her husband to brain cancer. She was abruptly faced with the responsibility of raising her two babies without a spouse.
In 2012 she went through many stages of grief, including depression. As a clinical pharmacist, Monica was hesitant to start taking antidepressants, until one day she decided she needed the help.
Almost 10 years later, Monica has become a huge advocate for mental health . She has personally experienced the horrible stigma against patients. As a clinical pharmD working for Walmart Health and Wellness she loves to spend time with patients and educating them on therapeutic and non therapeutic ways to help.

Dr Monica feels so strongly in educating the world that Mental health is a real illness just like Diabetes or Cardiovascular disease.

If you’re a pharmacist and would like to participate in this important series, please contact Dr. Monica: mpatelpharm@yahoo.com