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July 3, 2020by Todd Eury

When Ken Sternfeld, the Founder of RXVIP Concierge starting doing podcasts, the company and it’s vision of enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the health care continuum really began to blossom. With close to 70,000+ listeners & subscribers and over 1050 episodes, the Pharmacy Podcast Network is where we started to spread our wings and fly.

Raising awareness to our collaborative approach of working right in the physician office was heard by Pharmacists and Students of Pharmacy on the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The PPN Nation embraced what RXVIP Concierge was offering our profession as we went from a grassroots concept to heights none of us could have ever imaged through podcasting.

We are grateful for the support we have received from Todd Eury, Founder and Publisher of www.pharmacypodcast.com for his unwavering support of our concierge approach to patient care. Without PPN Nation, this paradigm shift in the way Pharmacists can practice at the height of their diploma and professional license would not have become a reality.

At the direction of Todd, we created The Concierge HUB which is a platform for insights and perspectives in the pharmacy profession the health care industry and in life. The purpose of this platform is to continue to raise the awareness that Pharmacists are The HUB of HEALTHCARE 

It is recorded on www.anchor.fm which is an easy way to make a podcast as it gives you everything you need…and it’s Free !  Check out their features and tell them The Concierge Pharmacist sent you.  Once you start your own show, call 1-844 MYRXVIP (844 697-9847) and we will show you how you can become a Podcaster For Life so your voice can be heard.

The easy to use Anchor creation tools let you record, edit and add clips from any device with tools designed to make you sound great, regardless of your skill level.  Listen to my broadcasts, so if I can do it, so can you.

Listen to this Concierge Hub Pharmacy Friday Conversation *Independence Day During The Covid19 Pandemic by clicking below


Have Fun With Podcasting !   We will see you all in class later today

You can visit www.pharmacypodcast.com and listen to podcasts
in a series called PGx For Pharmacists by clicking link below.