Todd Eury

“I created this network of podcasters to support pharmacists & our pharmacy profession & use podcast discussions to accelerate change & improvements to our pharmacy & pharmaceutical industries.”


Todd Eury started the Pharmacy Podcast Network in March of 2009. Todd is the CEO of the Pharmacy Publishing Network, the parent publication of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. With the Editorial, the Education Support, and Evidence-based Podcasting divisions, Eury directs the leading audio publication in the Pharmacy Industry.

Pittsburgh native Todd Eury from Brownsville, Pennsylvania, started the first podcast about the profession of Pharmacy in 2009, and today, it’s the global leader in podcasting about the business and profession of the pharmacist.

With podcasts about career development, politics, and running a privately owned community pharmacy, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has over 30 different channels with nearly 80,000 listeners accumulated over the last 10 1/2 years. He has partnered with several state and national associations to build content for pharmacist professionals as a concierge internet​ radio platform to advocate for better patient care. The PPN ranks in the Top 20 Podcasts in the Business News category listed with Apple Podcasts, out of over 1.2M+ podcasts registered: via Chartable here.