Monica Krishnan, PharmD



Pharmacists Focused on Mental Health
Dr. Monica Krishnan PharmD is a clinical pharmacist with a practice of over 18 years. She began her career as a inpatient critical care pharmacist at UCLA medical center in 2002. After starting a family and suffering the loss of her husband at a young age , Dr Monica switched paths and joined the field of community pharmacy .
Monica currently works with the Walmart Health & Wellness team in Los Angeles and she has also spent the last few years working in the field of Mental Health. Dr Monica plans to continue to spread awareness and education on mental health and hopes to continue working and collaborating with other mental health advocates. We are on the road to smashing the stigma – but more work needs to be done!
Dr. Monica joined the Phamacy Podcast Network in 2020 and helped launch the very important series -PharmD focused on MH! #RxOnMH