Shane Garrettson & Cal Vandergrift



Let's Pharmonize

Let’s Pharmonize is a pharmacy podcast where we’ll discuss current events, drugs throughout history and drugs referenced in pop culture with Hosts Shane Garrettson and Cal Vandergrift dive into the pharmacy world with fun, interesting, and downright weird topics!

Shane Garrettson

Shane started working at a community pharmacy to support an unsuccessful real estate venture and what started as a curiosity grew into a passion for learning about medication and the physiology of disease. Shane decided to turn this passion into a career by going to pharmacy school to earn his Doctorate of Pharmacy. A desire to share the fun and fascinating aspects of pharmacy with the world inspired Shane to team up with Cal Vandergrift to start Let’s Pharmonize! With humor and a deep love of science, Shane hopes you’ll enjoy learning about pharmacy as much as he does.
Cal Vandergrift
Prior to finding Pharmacy, Cal started his journey working for ESPN, FOX, and NBC Radio as an intern and writing as a travel sports writer for the Stokes News, a local newspaper. Cal would graduate from Stokes Early College with 2 Associate Degrees in Science and Arts in May 2018.

He chose to attend High Point University where he would complete his prerequisite undergraduate pharmacy program in just two semesters before being accepted, at the time, as the youngest pharmacy student enrolled in the Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy. Cal and co-host Shane Garrettson started their own pharmacy podcast Let’s Pharmonize in January 2020 as a way to demonstrate to the public the experiences and knowledge learned throughout pharmacy school. The podcast has developed into one of the top searched pharmacy podcasts on Spotify. Cal continues to work outside of pharmacy as a play by play sports broadcaster for High Point University on ESPN+ and as the Chief Audio Editor for the Ultimate Sports Radio Network on the online broadcasting platform Mixlr. Cal’s plans in pharmacy include: Graduating from High Point University Pharmacy School in May 2023, and opening an independent pharmacy focused on sports injury management and sports nutrition.