Becky Winslow, BS, PharmD

becky winslow


Becky Winslow is a co-host on PGX for Pharmacists. She’s an accomplished Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy with more than twenty years of clinical pharmacotherapy and pharmacy business operations experience, which includes seven years of direct patient facing care, seven years of pharmacy management experience and six years of experience as a medical science liaison in the pharmacogenomics field. Becky Winslow excels at developing and managing collaborative relationships with healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders to stay abreast of emerging trends and to achieve project goals. Becky Winslow is an articulate communicator with extensive background in gathering and critically analyzing research and data; translating complex content into a level appropriate to the target audience; writing clinical and marketing content; presenting; teaching; and training.

Becky Winslow has consulted on several notable pharmacogenomics endeavors including training the consultant pharmacists in the “Know Your Rx Coalition”, consulting for Cedarville University’s Pharmacogenomics Excellence Program, and leading the project to integrate pharmacogenomics into Apollo Vanguard’s suite of employee benefits. Becky Winslow is a registered provider for the Test2Learn(TM) Community Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program and a member of both the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium and the Get the Medications Right Institute. She is the founder and owner of inGENEious RX, a boutique pharmacogenomics consulting firm that specializes in regulatory affairs, medical affairs, and business development consulting for pharmacogenomics companies. For more information, click here: www.ingeneiousrx.com