Michael Baldzicki

Mike Baldzicki, NASP

CBOMichael Baldzicki

NASP Specialty Pharmacy

As Chief Brand Officer (CBO) at AscellaHealth, Mike supports the AscellaHealth Family of Companies comprehensive business strategy to increase brand awareness, boost perceived value and improve lines of services in the marketplace. He is responsible for oversight of our Family Companies based on sales & marketing to finance, client services and Specialty Pharmacy strategies throughout the organization that drive strategic business initiatives.

Within his roles, he enhances the success of the strategic projects and applies business development, contract negotiations, network advancement, marketing & outreach strategies that cultivate opportunities for AscellaHealth and our Family of Companies. With more than 24+ years of experience, Mr. Baldzicki held roles in senior executive management within the specialty pharmacy supply group, pharmaceutical and biotech industry of managed markets, group purchasing organizations, specialty wholesale, and integrated delivery networks. He assumed roles within the pharmaceutical organization such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Enzon BioTech, Novo Nordisk, Baxter BioScience, as well as roles within the distribution channel of AmerisourceBergen specialty groups, BioMatrix Specialty & Infusion Rx, Diplomat/ BioRx Specialty Pharmacy, CareCentrix Medical Infusion, Asembia GPO, Axelacare Infusion, to other manufacturer & specialty pharmacy home infusion companies.

Mr. Baldzicki is active in the biotech community and is Council Advisor of the Council of Strategic Healthcare Advisors (CSHA), an Advisor/Faculty member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) for Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Group & Biosimilars Partnership Forum, NCPDP Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholder Action Group, Self-insured Institute of America (SIIA) Advisor, National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, and was 2014 Editorial Board Member for Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Mr. Baldzicki holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a Certificate in Clinical Research Compliance and Management (CRCM). He has completed programs in leadership development at Harvard University, Brooks Group, Miller Heiman Account Management, and MD Anderson Center Cancer Courses.