Kristin Tallent


Dr.Kristin Tallent


Dr. Kristin Tallent – is known as the Point of Care Testing Pharmacist and your host for POCTalk on the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

Kristin is on a mission to empower pharmacists to take control of their careers through the use of the vast amount of testing opportunities we have at our disposal. She helps pharmacists love their careers again through the use of point of care testing which is an incredible springboard into all other clinical services.

After taking control of of her own career by leveraging clinical services, Kristin decided that more pharmacists needed to know about the power they hold and the impact they have on our communities. That’s why she created the Plug & Play Point of Care Testing Profit Program. Kristin absolutely loves helping pharmacists successfully run profitable CLIA laboratories and support them with virtual course offerings & a done-for-you policy and procedure manual. It doesn’t have to be confusing, overwhelming, or time consuming.

Kristin is an enormous advocate for the profession of pharmacy and believe that the expansion of pharmacist capabilities improves access to care, patient experience, and the health of our communities.

Dr. Tallent earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an avid learner who is determined to progress the profession of pharmacy one small step at a time.