Biopharmaceutical Educational Podcast Workshop Series 2023

February 25, 2023by Todd Eury
Introducing the Biopharmaceutical Educational Podcast Workshop Series 2023
Podcasting is reaching 165M Americans everyday. Health care Providers are supplementing their industry education through podcasting. In collaboration with the # 1 voted podcast in Healthcare for 2022 via Medigy & HITMC, the Pharmacy Podcast Network proudly returns with Ascella Health & the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy for this special 2023 series. Reaching more than 140K+ listeners per month, this series will be a valued-added audio education for our public health leaders. 

AscellaHealth and specialty pharmacy industry partners Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) & National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) are at the forefront of the Specialty Pharmacy industry and are uniquely positioned to identify some of the key trends that help all stakeholders to address unmet market needs and optimize health outcomes for individuals with rare disease or complex conditions.  In 2023, the Specialty Pharmacy market developments require targeted programs and complete end-to-end solutions that ensure medication access and affordability, cost management and opportunities for improving patient outcomes. Global market conditions coupled with the sheer number and scope of specialty medications, cell and gene therapies (CGT) pose challenges best met by organizations that are steeped in addressing the complexities of rare diseases and have the flexibility to anticipate change and quickly respond.

Our podcast series host is a veteran in the Specialty Pharmacy markets. As Chief Brand Officer (CBO) at AscellaHealth, Michael Baldzicki supports the AscellaHealth Family of Companies comprehensive business strategy to increase brand awareness, boost perceived value and improve lines of services in the marketplace. He is responsible for oversight of our Family Companies based on sales & marketing to finance, client services and Specialty Pharmacy strategies throughout the organization that drive strategic business initiatives.  Within his roles, he enhances the success of the strategic projects and applies business development, contract negotiations, network advancement, marketing & outreach strategies that cultivate opportunities for AscellaHealth and our Family of Companies.

The multi-episode podcast series will include strategic ideas to address the challenges of new Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs) and deliver these life-saving treatments to ensure value, advocacy, and sustainability as well as. unite pharmaceutical manufacturers, providers, payers, government agencies and industry members to identify and define essential factors needed to create a sustainable CGT therapy ecosystem.

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