This Week in Pharmacy | The Launch Episode

January 6, 2023by Todd Eury

Friday January 6th 2023 

Here we go! Our first official episode of the weekly podcast, ‘This Week in Pharmacy’ #TWIRx, pronounced Twerks, for the cool kids.

The weekly broadcast will feature latest news happening in the pharmacy industry, cover upcoming conferences, review other pharmacy profession events, and have a special guest participate in the discussions centered around a weekly theme. Podcasting veteran and CEO of the PPN, Todd S. Eury will be hosting #TWIRx and will be welcoming subject matter experts on academia, technology, medication advancements, clinical trials innovation, and a list of endless topics about Pharmacists and Pharmacy care.

This episode is about the new show’s format and ideas. We talk about trends, the future of the pharmacy profession, and we ask ‘Kevin D. Jones’ what he’s thinking about!  Shoutout to the #TwitteRx Tweeters, we preface ‘The Pharmacy 50’ awards announced this Monday January 9th, and set the stage for next week with Joe Delaney with First Class Returns.

Thank you to RxSafe & the U.S. PhArmy for sponsoring today’s launch episode, please buy a shirt to help support our Veterans and their Pharmacy care: USPhArmy.com 

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