Top 10 reasons why your pharmacy needs a podcast

December 16, 2021by PPN Marketing

10 reasons for starting a podcast

“Podcasting is a media content revolution that allows pharmacies to reach their target audience and build trust, brands and positioning. A good pharmacy podcast show can help you achieve all this and much more.” – Todd Eury

No matter what your pharmacy specializes in, competition is always there. You may have superior products or services that are either cost-effective or better than other options on the market, but people will not buy from you until they recognize you. The common belief that the best offer will help you grow your pharmacy business won’t always be true. You should stop relying on pharmacy marketing strategies with discounts and exclusive offers, which only seem to generate short-term rather than long-term results.

Despite the rise of streaming services, podcast consumption is also on the rise. With an ever-increasing audience, podcasts are forming a strong user base. Certain studies have found that the number of American podcast consumers has grown to 80 million weekly.

Pharmacies can leverage podcasts for a variety of purposes. They can share information about new pharmacy products, pharmacy updates, general health and wellness related topics, etc. Podcasts offer a lot of benefits for pharmacists interested in marketing. They can help provide a sense of authority, raise your brand awareness, and even convert prospects into paying customers.

  • Easy and inexpensive

  • Gives you an authoritative presence in your industry

  • Captures your audience’s attention

  • Creates brand awareness

  • Helps you build cross-industry network connections

  • Distribution to multiple channels

  • Helps you connect with your employees

  • Flexible to deliver and access

  • Allows you to produce long-form content

  • Brings new financial opportunities

#1 Podcasting is Easy and Inexpensive

Compared to other digital marketing strategies, podcasts are very easy to produce and you don’t need a lot of equipment. Considering the quality and pricing, getting started with it should be at the top of your list.

#2 Give You an Authoritative Presence In Your Community

As a pharmacy podcaster, the more listeners you have, the more credible you’ll be seen in your community. When people are deciding on what to buy, they may turn to your podcasts for advice before making their decision. If you want your pharmacy podcast to grow & succeed, the quality of the content is vital. This will spark more interest among listeners, which can then result in increased ratings or participants. With more people following your pharmacy podcast, new visitors will see you as a trusted source on this subject matter. Make sure to include podcasts that cover the needs of your pharmacy’s niche audiences and provide information about the benefits of your services. They’ll help people see how useful your offerings are and can also reach amplified target audiences.

#3 Podcasts Capture Audience’s Attention

As mentioned previously, the audience will enjoy a stronger connection with your content if it is presented in an oral form rather than simply read on a webpage. Text cannot properly portray your emotions while speaking; furthermore, we can’t understand how certain words sound when we think about them. If you publish podcasts on a regular basis, your audience will become familiar with your voice and presentation style. This familiarity keeps them coming back for more because they feel connected to you. Podcasts for your pharmacy helps establish an emotional connection with your target audience.

#4 Podcasts Create Brand Awareness

A powerful, recognizable brand is vital for your pharmacy to grow. Inconsistent social media content will keep people unfamiliar with your brand from knowing who you are and how to contact you. You can build recognition by regularly delivering pharmacy podcasts or blog posts. It’s important to make sure any content you produce for your company is relevant to your product or service. This will allow readers to connect better with the brand and increase the odds they’ll make a purchase.

#5 Build Cross-Industry Network Connections

Podcasts are now more popular than ever before. Like guest posts, they allow your to bring in other industry experts who share their knowledge with your audience. Inviting someone on your show is one of the best ways to do so.

It also helps you build good relations with experts from different industries which can help your pharmacy in different ways. In addition to that, when you invite guest speakers from other industries, your audience will understand more about their technologies and experience which can be useful for them.

When curating a list of guest speakers, ensure the individuals you select are desirable to your pharmacy’s target audience.

#6 You Can Distribute Pharmacy Podcasts Through Multiple Channels

Choosing the right platform to distribute your pharmacy’s podcasts can be a difficult, but an important task. Your success will depend on it to a certain degree, so take your time and consider carefully before committing.

When you broadcast your pharmacy’s podcasts to the world, you have a variety of avenues available to you. You can submit it to iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud, TunIn, Spreaker or YouTube. You can also reach even broader audiences by utilizing social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#7 Podcasts Help you Connect with your Employees

Podcasts not only help you with engagement, they also give you the chance to communicate better with your employees. You can use podcasts for training purposes or important announcements that need to be communicated. Employers that have employees operating on a national level can really benefit from using podcasts to communicate their messages. It is a great way to applaud their team on a job well done.

#8 Podcasts are Flexible to Deliver & Access

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as they’re a great way to interact with your current and potential target audience. Creating a podcast doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge as there are plenty of free tools that can be used to create one. You don’t need large sums of money either, as the equipment needed is very affordable. Investing in the right mic will make your podcast sound great.

Users can download podcasts and copy them onto their portable devices, such as a tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. They can listen from these devices from a variety of places since they don’t need to connect to the internet in order to do so.

A good way of going about this is to provide information about your products and services in relation to what has been discussed in the pharmacy’s podcast.

#9 Podcasts Allow You To Produce Long-Form Content

A pharmacy podcast is what you need to make your offering stand out and benefit your audience. It allows you to go into detail, share insights & analyses, and keep up-to-date with latest data. Podcasts are a cost-effective tool for introducing your pharmacy to potential customers. A pharmacy podcast that provides extensive information can persuade people to buy your products & services, plus it shows that you care about the audience by providing valuable content for them. This ultimately has the effect of enhancing your audience’s trust/relationship with your business and in turn, improving brand credibility.

#10 Podcasts Bring New Financial Opportunities

There are many pharmacy entrepreneurs who have been able to grow their income by starting a podcast. You can also use podcasting for your pharmacy to create new opportunities for profit by creating an effective strategy that provides your target audience with valuable, insightful information for them to enjoy.

You can also use your pharmacy’s podcast to promote your own products and services while telling the audience about their benefits. That way, they’ll be more likely to check them out on their own.


Above all, there are so many reasons why pharmacy should consider including podcasts in their digital marketing strategies. A pharmacy podcast is an extremely valuable promotional tool for their business to stretch their ideas out into the world in an interesting way. If you want your audience to stay longer, consider adding a pharmacy podcast to your strategy!

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