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T2D: Don’t Sugar Coat It

What are the main drivers of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and why does the diabetes epidemic continue to grow despite a wealth of information? Join series host Dr John Anderson, past president of ADA, who practices internal medicine at the Frist Clinic, as he interviews fellow experts on the main drivers of T2D and how...

Real-time Real Talk by Dexcom

Real-time Real Talk by Dexcom Episode 1 EPISODE 1 – INTRODUCTION TO DEXCOM G6 CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING (CGM) SYSTEM Guest Speakers: Apurv Kamath, Senior VP, Marketing, Dexcom Sushma Reddy, MD, Endocrinologist, Carbon Health In this pilot episode we are going to talk about revolutionary technology in diabetes management brought to you by Dexcom. Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or...