Shawn Bjorndal, PharmD



Director of Strategic Partnerships

As the Pharmacy Podcast Network’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dr. Bjorndal leads the publication’s partnership opportunities to enable multiple companies to work together as a stronger team and deliver more value to the pharmacy & pharmaceutical markets covered. Our alliance with our network members creates a single source of information & tools which can significantly improve access to data, resources, and meaningful networks for pharmacist professionals.

Shawn Bjorndal, PharmD, CEO and Founder of RPhAlly, is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy at North Dakota State University. Founded in 2019, RPhAlly is a networking platform for pharmacists and pharmacy students.

Shawn’s vision of RPhAlly is to become a one-stop-shop to help pharmacists find the right connections and career roadmaps, increase industry awareness, learn from colleagues, and advocate for the profession.

Shawn began his pharmacy career in the retail setting and spent over a decade serving patients at the community level. In 2016, he transitioned to a leadership role in mail order and became licensed in 27 states.  He is currently part of the San Diego Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force to help decrease the abuse of prescription drugs. His greatest professional passion is to help solve the opioid epidemic through thought leadership and interdisciplinary team collaboration.