Nicolle McClure



Pharmacy Marketing Simplified

Nicolle McClure is the host of the Pharmacy Marketing Simplified Podcast and is the Founder & President of GRX Marketing which started in 2010. GRX was developed to assist independent pharmacists with their marketing needs – from strategic planning, to creative development and implementation. Since its inception, her and her team have helped hundreds of independent pharmacy owners all over the country redefine their marketing strategies, and grow their business.

In addition to assisting independent pharmacy owners, Nicolle has also developed marketing strategies and turn-key solutions for companies within the industry. She has spoken at numerous pharmacy events, providing tips and insights to help owners thrive in their local marketplace.

Prior to her current position, she worked for Medicap Pharmacies INC. where she was responsible for providing marketing services for 65 Medicap Pharmacy franchisees nationwide. Nicolle has more than 16 years of pharmacy marketing experience and 19 years in marketing overall. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Designated Area of Concentration in Marketing, from Iowa State University in 2001.