Gail Lebovic

Dr. Gail Lebovic

Gail Lebovic


Dr. Lebovic has committed her career to improving the delivery of healthcare for patients around the
world. Internationally recognized for her groundbreaking work as an Oncoplastic Surgeon, Dr. Lebovic
is also highly regarded as a creative inventor and successful serial entrepreneur.
Along with her highly skilled team, she has developed numerous innovative products successfully
bringing them to market alongside strategic partners. The team’s success is second to none with
multiple successful acquisitions. A number of the companies founded by Dr. Lebovic are listed on
Page Two.

Her pioneering work has been recognized in many areas and most recently, Dr. Lebovic was selected
as a finalist for the 2023 Women in Innovation Award. Last year, she was selected from over 1,500
candidates as a Winner of the 2022 Women in Business Stevie Award. She was selected once again
as a Finalist for this year’s 2023 Stevie Awards as CEO & Founder of Silicon Valley Innovations. In
2021 she was presented with the Monumental Alumni Award – the highest form of recognition given
to a select group of elite graduates from George Washington University.

Additionally, Dr. Lebovic received the prestigious Pathfinder Lifetime Achievement Award, shared by
other well-known pioneers like Professor Umberto Veronesi, Dr. Laszlo Tabar and others. In addition
to these highly merited awards, she was presented with the Spirit of Achievement Award from the
American Cancer Society in 2012 recognizing her talents as a skilled clinician, inventor and

Currently, Dr. Lebovic holds the position of Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Innovations, Inc. The
US based company is focused on bringing disruptive technology to the multi-billion dollar nasal
healthcare market. The team has created the first antiseptic nasal hygiene kit, NasoClenz, which is
based on an innovative platform that ultimately can function as an intranasal drug delivery system as
well. Dr Lebovic holds over 50 US patents, is a member of the Forbes Business Council and she
continues to innovate ground-breaking, “first-in-class” products to help improve the lives of people

Of paramount importance is Dr. Lebovic’s passion for creating innovative products that are
comfortable, cost-effective and have a positive impact on patients’ lives. She has served as Director
of several important clinical programs and has been active in philanthropy as evidenced by her
position as past President of the American Society of Breast Disease and Founder of the Society of
Oncoplastic Surgery, a designated 501c3 non-profit organization. She is a passionate patient
advocate and remains involved in Global philanthropic efforts in various aspects of healthcare and