Danielle Plummer

Dr. Danielle Plummer

Dr.Danielle Plummer

PharmD, CD

Welcome to the host page of Danielle, a beacon of hope and expertise for women suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). As a survivor of HG during her own pregnancies, Danielle intimately understands the physical and emotional turmoil it brings. Having personally navigated the challenges of severe nausea, weight loss, and inadequate care, she turned her struggles into a determined pursuit of knowledge.

Danielle earned her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2016, and has since devoted her career to counseling and supporting women grappling with HG. She is not just a highly skilled pharmacist but also a certified doula. In 2019, she founded HG Clinical Solutions, providing personalized medical support for those suffering from HG.

What makes Danielle truly special is her deep empathy, drawn from her own experience, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring pregnant women receive the support and care they deserve. Through medication management, empowerment, and collaboration with doctors and medical professionals, she aims to pave the way for safer pregnancies. Danielle’s tireless efforts and compassionate care make her a guiding light for countless women worldwide.