Ani Rostomyan PharmD

Dr. Ani Rostomyan, PharmD, BCPS, APh

PharmD, BCPS, APhAni Rostomyan

Dr. Ani Rostomyan is a board-certified Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist who specializes in Diabetes management, Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics consulting. Dr. Ani received her master’s degree in Pharmacy through Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia in 2005. Dr. Ani Rostomyan later earned her doctorate degree in Pharmacy in 2017 from MCPHS, Boston, MA.

Dr. Ani has been practicing in an Ambulatory Care setting as a Clinical Pharmacist in Los Angeles, CA for the last 7 years.

Dr. Ani’s greatest passion through her pharmacist career is in helping and coaching patients with Type 2 Diabetes, who have low health literacy and medication non-compliance, and educating them how to use food as medicine. Dr. Ani has transformed hundreds of patients’ lives and helped them achieve outstanding results in diabetes control, weight loss, and a more positive mindset about their health. Having helped countless patients as a Clinical Pharmacist, she made the decision to start her own functional wellness practice to serve more people in their health transformation journey using personalized medicine as part of their care.

Dr. Ani discovered her calling in Precision Medicine as well, quickly becoming a certified Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics trained Pharmacist, and a consultant.

Dr. Ani is on a mission to empower forward thinking health care providers and wellness practitioners to incorporate nutrigenomics into their practice to amplify their client results and increase their revenue.