This Week in Pharmacy

December 17, 2022by Todd Eury

Brownsville PA: The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is adding a new podcast to their growing publication network. A first of it’s kind to the PPN, “This Week in Pharmacy” will be a weekly LIVE stream podcast on Podbean‘s streaming service and published to YouTube. The weekly broadcast will feature latest news happening in the pharmacy industry, cover upcoming conferences, review other pharmacy profession events, and have a special guest participate in the discussions centered around a weekly theme. Podcasting veteran and CEO of the PPN, Todd S. Eury will be hosting #TWIRx and will be welcoming subject matter experts on academia, technology, medication advancements, clinical trials innovation, and a list of endless topics about Pharmacists and Pharmacy care.

“It’s exciting to be releasing a new ‘catch all’ podcast show for our 100K+ listeners weekly.” stated Eury, “The PPN didn’t have a consistent show to feature a collection of topics and subjects important to our profession. This Week in Pharmacy will be an ever expanding podcast publication featuring some of the most innovative people in healthcare. We’ll be on the hunt for people in the pharmacy profession to help build out this weekly show and prepare us for our consumer audience in 2nd quarter 2023.”


The PPN has more than 40 participating hosts focusing on multiple subjects and topics about pharmacy care. TWIRx will set out to be a fun show to listen to and will include video as a new feature to the PPN’s publications. The purpose of the new podcast is to be a creative, entrepreneurial, and independent from the other podcasts on the network. Featuring interviews with authors of books and digital content will be part of the weekly stream to bring these works to a worldwide audience. Another mission of ‘This Week in Pharmacy‘ will be to demystify the role of the pharmacist and educate the public about what pharmacists do in other sectors of healthcare. We will inform, educate, entertain and inspire our audience of all occupations and backgrounds. The PPN will continue to champion a 13 year love of podcasting and learning to help expand a podcasting culture about pharmacy’s incredible impact on our society. With more than 160 million podcast listeners in the United States, podcasting is one of the fastest social media platforms in the world.

The PPN will always work at creating an environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration, is respectful of difference, inclusive and ethical in its practice and supports the well-being of our pharmacists, pharmacy professionals, and the people we all serve. We are determined to nurture and develop our podcasters and our employees to their highest potential and know that our success comes down to the passion, commitment, and hard work of our favorite Providers, our Pharmacists.

We hope you will ‘tune in’ to the first episode of ‘This Week in Pharmacy‘ every Friday starting on January 6th 2023.