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December 30, 2021by PPN Marketing

About the RxInfluencer Magazine

Pharmacists continue to be one of the most trusted professionals in the United States, says Gallup’s annual survey. Pharmacists are ranked in third place in 2018 in terms of honesty and ethical standards, according to Gallup’s report, Americans’ Rating on the Honesty and Ethical Standards of Professions. This publication and our parent organization, Pharmacy Publishing Network, consistently works to advocate for pharmacists since 2009 with the launch of our first publication, the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The idea for RxInfleuncer Magazine came about when the Pharmacy Podcast Network team noticed a gap in the industry. There was no publication that celebrated specific pharmacists and their unique work, impacting the lives of their patients and communities. Therefore, we set out to fill that gap with an original publication that is full of valuable content for pharmacists and for our consumer patients.

– The RxInfluencer Magazine is about connecting with the pharmacy industry. The magazine provides news, shares success stories of pharmacists, and features articles on how to improve your practice.

– The RxInfluencer Magazine has been created to keep all pharmacists up to date with the latest developments in pharmacy and to provide them with a forum for discussion and debate.

– The RxInfluencer Magazine is a great way for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to communicate and share their knowledge. It is also an excellent resource for doctors, nurses, politicians, and anyone else who has interests in the healthcare industry.

About The Pharmacy Podcast Network

Since 2009, the Pharmacy Podcast Network has been the national voice for American pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Through advocacy and leadership, we have managed to chart a path through every major development in the world of pharmaceuticals. We’re providing innovative tools, resources and enabling connection and collaboration. Our goal is to empower pharmacists & pharmacy technicians to drive positive change in the healthcare system.


What’s Next?

The challenges and opportunities our pharmacy podcast listeners face are huge. Our vision is to help you prepare for what’s next, offer insights and recommendations that are actionable, and be useful in the process. This is a time where you can focus on other important aspects of pharmacy. Nostalgia may have its moments, but this is not one of them; it is a moment for newness, originality and exploring more aspects of the pharmacy influencer space.

We know this isn’t just about our perspective. This moment requires a community – of thinkers, doers, creators, innovators. The Drum is our voice and your voice. We are the solutions source as you lead your business. We are here to support you in your role as an organizational catalyst, brand builder, visionary and champion of diversity and inclusion who is looking, imagining, planning for the future. We know marketing can change the world by solving problems. That’s why solution-after-solution, we will create a rhythm of progress, together. We are your partners amid this new, unpredictable journey, full of infinite possibilities for success.

Consumer trust is at an all-time low in the United States with our citizens distain for politicians, miss used data, and many mistakes hidden by major governmental organizations the public needs to trust. Consumers must be able to trust their healthcare providers and pharmacist lead in efforts to ensure consumer trust.

This is the RxInfluencer Magazine. The number one influencer in pharmacy is the consumer. This publication is dedicated to pharmacists, the pharmacy profession, and the people we serve.


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