Earn Additional Income For Sharing Your Medical Expertise with InCrowd

December 7, 2021by PPN Marketing

Share Your Medical Expertise with InCrowd

InCrowd is a healthcare market research organization focused on collecting feedback from diverse medical professionals on a wide range of healthcare topics through brief surveys we call MicroSurveys. We partner with leading names in the life sciences industry and pair them with healthcare professionals who are instrumental in providing expert feedback on research topics that are important to health care providers.


On average most MicroSurveys take less than 10  minutes to complete. We also offer interview opportunities that are longer in length with a higher pay scale. All of our MicroSurveys and qualitative Interviews are paid, and you even receive partial compensation if you screen out. There is no minimum  amount of surveys that you must participate in to keep your account active. You can incorporate the research opportunities into your day and take them when your schedule allows. Our surveys are optimized for your mobile device, tablet, or computer. All of our collected research data is kept anonymous, we do not share your personal information.

InCrowd Surveys

At InCrowd, our mission is to continue to give health care professionals a voice on the topics that directly impact patient care. Our MicroSurveys may be short, but have a massive influence without taking up too much of your day. Our Crowd members have shared their experiences with us, and why they love our surveys.


“The shorter the better and InCrowd does it best.”


“Short and sweet surveys. Feels to contribute to greater GOOD.“


“Best short surveys with great recall of your practice habits.”


Aside from our MicroSurveys and interviews, we offer paid guest writing opportunities for our blog. We also conduct our own internal research, and the syndicated reports that follow can also be found on the blog. Recent topics include:


Future of Telehealth Usage and Coverage

The Reality of Rural Emergency Medicine

Improving Financial Literacy in Medical Professionals


Join InCrowd and share your medical expertise through surveys and interview opportunities you can take part in when it’s convenient for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to incrowdcommunity@incrowdnow.com.