Drug Shortage Management and Supply Chain Solutions

November 17, 2021by Josh Pirestani0

Drug Shortage Management and Supply Chain Solutions

Join the Pharmacy Podcast Network and IBM Watson Health for another podcast, episode 2 in the 3 part series, focused on how to improve efficiencies across your organizations’ drug shortage management and supply chain. Listen to three experts discuss:

  • Drug shortage management and prevention – from classification and communication to key stakeholders to how COVID-19 has impacted hospital drug shortages
  • The role of technology & data in assisting pharmacists in solving these inventory and management challenges
  • How automation and emerging technology can help pharmacists provide the best care for their patients

OrbitalRX, now with IBM Micromedex, combines real-time inventory awareness and clinical decision support capabilities to help hospital pharmacies proactively manage drug shortages and efficiently identify effective alternatives. View the latest evidence-based treatment information, check your hospital’s current drug inventory status, and provide purchasers with a consolidated view of procurement options – all within a single solution.

Learn more here: https://www.ibm.com/products/orbitalrx


  • Nate Peaty, PharmD, MS, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder | OrbitalRX
  • Brian Spoelhof, PharmD, Assistant Manager of Pharmacy – Medication Utilization Strategy | University of Virginia
  • Chris Virgilio, PharmD, BCPS Clinical Program Director, Micromedex | IBM Watson Health


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