50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy Awards

November 15, 2021by PPN Marketing

Introducing the 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy Awards and Recognition Program


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Hiller, PA, November 16, 2021 | As one of the most influential publications in pharmacy, the Pharmacy Podcast Network is launching the 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy Awards and Recognition Program.

The first podcast about the profession and business of pharmacy has launched an awards program to recognize people who’ve made their mark through innovation, momentum, and distinction. This list of Rising Stars, Innovators, Trailblazers, Visionaries, and Leaders will be recognized with various awards from the organization.

To ensure that the awards are recognizing the right people, the process is peer-driven. The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) encouraged pharmacy professionals within the industry to nominate peers who they believe have made a difference, not only in their organizations but also in their own careers. The PPN received over 2,000 votes for this prestigious award. 

Our pharmacists and teams of people who support our pharmacists are under so much pressure right now. Many are experiencing burnout & mental breakdowns”, says Todd Eury CEO & Founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, the 1st podcast dedicated to the profession. “We want to bring re-instill pride in our industry and honor innovative leaders who are helping to transform pharmacy, making it better for our patients, who we exist to better serve.

The timing of the Awards initiative was hugely relevant. In a pandemic society, the pharmacy sector has undoubtedly suffered with under-staffing within the retail pharmacy chain sector of pharmacy. After counting all the votes received by the PPN team, one individual received more votes than anyone else by 30 votes. Dr. Bled Tanoe, PharmD received the most votes of all those cast. There were more than 300+ people nominated for the award. 

A panel of judges evaluates nominees and decided which individuals have the most influence in the industry by the votes tallied. Nominees were accepted from all sectors of pharmacy for association leadership, technology entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

2021 Award Winners

  1. Dr. Bled Tanoe, PharmD | Founder of Pizza Is Not Working
  2. Dr. Shahida Amar Choudhry, PharmD | Owner of Palms Pharmacy 
  3. Dr. Ken Thai, PharmD | 986 Pharmacy Founder in Los Angeles
  4. Dr. Ali McBride, PharmD | Director of Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Bristol Myers Squibb
  5. Dr. Blair Thielemier, PharmD | Founder of the Pharmapreneur Academy
  6. Dr. David Medvedeff, PharmD | AspenRxHealth
  7. Helen Eddy, BS Pharm | Director of Polk County Health Department
  8. Laura Cranston, BS Pharm | CEO, Cranston & Associates, LLC former CEO at PQA
  9. Dr. Christina Madison, PharmD | The Public Health Pharmacist
  10. Kristen Watt, RPh | Pharmacy Owner at Kristen’s Pharmacy
  11. Dr. Alison Gulbis, PharmD | Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Stem Cell Transplant; Manager
  12. AJ Oben | President & CEO, GoldStar Pharmacy, GoldStar Hospice Solutions
  13. Dr. Lisa Faast, PharmD | Founder of DiversifyRx
  14. Dawn Butterfield, RPh | Owner of West Cocoa Pharmacy and Compounding
  15. Sue Paul, RPh | Founder of the Medipreneurs, transforming the role of the Pharmacist
  16. Dr. Monica Krishnan PharmD | Mental Health Pharmacist
  17. Dr. Easton Bryant, PharmD, LDE | Pharmacy Owner North Century Pharmacy    
  18. Dana Darger RPh | Director of Pharmacy at Rapid City Regional Hospital
  19. Dr. Bill Osborn, PharmD | President at Osborn Drugs
  20. Dr. William Amarquaye, PharmD | Pain Management Specialist, Clinical Pharmacist Brandon Regional Hospital
  21. Dr. Robin Barrett, PharmD | Most Influential Instagram Pharmacist & Brand Ambassador & Muse Labs Skin Products
  22. Dr. Eric Geyer, PharmD | Political Pharmacist Podcast Host, Pharmacy Director The Centers for Families and Children
  23. Dr. Sonia Patel Jain, PharmD | Co-Founder & Chief Pharmacist at Capsule
  24. Dr. Rajinder Rai, PharmD | Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author
  25. Bruce Kneeland | Community Pharmacy Advocate & Marketing Leader, Host of Pharmacy CrossRoads Podcast
  26. Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh | Founder & CEO Mobile Health Consultants, Inc
  27. Dr. Scott Knoer, PharmD | CEO of the American Pharmacist Association
  28. Dr. Suzanne (Rabi) Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS | Founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group
  29. Dr. Jerrica Dodd, PharmD | Pharmacist Coach | Speaker| Consultant | Founder of PharmaSis Magazine
  30. Dr. Sally Rafie, PharmD, BCPS | University of California San Diego Health and founder, Birth Control Pharmacist
  31. Dr. Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD | Leading Pharmacist in Pain Management, CEO Remitigate, LLC
  32. Dr. Timothy P. Gauthier, Pharm.D., BCPS | ID Pharmacist, Founder of ID Stewardship
  33. Shawn Nairn, RPh | Founder & Owner of ACORx Home Care Pharmacy Services
  34. Dr. Edith A. Nutescu | Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Illinois at Chicago, COP
  35. Dr. Codi Peterson, PharmD | Pediatric Pharmacist | Medical Cannabis Professional
  36. Jeff Key | President of PioneerRx
  37. Dr. Becky Winslow, PharmD | Host of PGX for Pharmacists
  38. Dr. Jamie Wilkey, PharmD | Founder, PGx Consulting Confidence Academy
  39. Dr. Mark Garofoli, PharmD | Clinical Pain Management Pharmacist at the WVU Medicine Center
  40. Antonio Ciaccia | CEO of 46brooklyn Research, leading data analyst on PBM Reform
  41. Vince Costanzo | Co-Founder & CEO of RxBlu by Cypress Software
  42. Nicholas Potts | CEO and Co-founder at Gifthealth
  43. Dr. Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS | Founder/CEO | Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance
  44. Dr. Kimber Boothe, PharmD, MHA | The Kimber Boothe Group, LLC, Pharmacy Connector
  45. Michelle Sherman, RPh | The Conscious Pharmacist Podcast Owner & Founder of Ubuntu Pharmacist Care Program
  46. Dr. Amina Abubakar, PharmD | CEO of Avant Pharmacy & Wellness Center
  47. Dr. Jesica Mills PharmD | Owner and PIC at Owensboro Family Pharmacy and Wellness
  48. Dr. Jacinda C. Abdul-Mutakabbir, PharmD | PharmGradWishList Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Loma Linda University
  49. Anthony V. Minniti, RPh, FACA | Owner/Pharmacist In Charge at Bell Pharmacy
  50. Rebecca Snead, RPh, CAE, FAPhA | EVP/CEO National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations

The Pharmacy Podcast Network has always been passionate about honoring professionals who made a difference in the pharmacy industry through their hard work, advocacy, and innovation. Since 2009, it has been ranked as the number one podcast in healthcare focused on the Business of Pharmacy and the top 25 podcasts in the U.S. Business News. For many years, the Network has published audio content featuring different thought leaders and experts in the pharmacy industry, which is why it is known as a leading authority in the industry with more than 1,400 episodes, 80,000 followers, and 40+ hosts.

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The Pharmacy Podcast Network specializes in offering useful information about the healthcare system, long-term care, community care, industry trends, and of course, the business side of the pharmacy industry. The program will aid professionals to do more to help their organizations and the industry in general.

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