The PharmD Money Podcast joins Pharmacy Podcast Network

September 21, 2021by Todd Eury

Sept. 21, 2021pharmdfp.com – – (Owatonna) – In what some would consider to be a perfect match, the PharmD Money Podcast is joining the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The PharmD Money podcast is dedicated to educating and entertaining pharmacists about money, financial wellbeing, and creating their best financial life.

The host of the PharmD Money podcast is Derek Delaney. Derek is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner who founded his own financial planning company, PharmD Financial Planning. It’s always been Derek’s mission to help pharmacists become the most financially savvy type of doctor there are.

“I am looking forward to the PharmD Money podcast delivering impactful content to the PPN network”, said Pharmacy Podcast Network CEO Todd Eury. The PharmD Money podcast is currently a weekly show that aims to deliver insightful financial information to pharmacists within a 15 – 20-minute timeframe.

“Pharmacists have busy schedules. If I can help lighten the financial burden on their lives via this podcast, I would consider that to be a success”, says Delaney. The PharmD Money podcast was started in March of 2021. It is currently approaching the airing of it’s 30th episode.

Visit pharmdfp.com to learn more about PharmD Financial Planning or the PharmD Money podcast. Visit localhost/pharmacypodcast to learn more about the Pharmacy Podcast Network and to listen to their unrivaled lineup of podcast content for pharmacists.