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The Nontraditional Pharmacist

We are the single source for all things “nontraditional” in pharmacy. By exposing new roles, connecting pharmacy professionals with one another, and providing resources to accelerate success, we truly strive to push the boundaries of pharmacy. It’s time to start thinking outside the pillbox!
Meet Lynn, Nick, and Matt
All three founders of The Nontraditional Pharmacist earned their PharmD degrees from the University of Michigan, and are three very close friends. They share a passion for advocating that the profession of pharmacy allows you to find the niche that suits you best. There is so much potential in the great field of pharmacy and ways to have fun pursuing it.
Lynn actively seeks out MTM and clinical service opportunities in community pharmacy practice. While community practice is “traditional” pharmacy, Lynn sees ways that classic community practice will evolve and pushes herself to grow with that evolution to better her direct patient care.
Similarly, Nick doesn’t fit the standard community practice mold. But unlike Lynn, Nick is more focused on different approaches to pharmacy management and operations optimization. Nick looks at the big picture and finds creative ways to run an efficient organization.
Matt has followed his entrepreneurial spirit and took a leap into technology. Initially working with cloud-based software for large pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and third-party payers, Matt now works for a small firm focusing on data protection and cyber security.
The TNP team approaches pharmacy with energy, enthusiasm, and a respectful disregard for the status quo. Progress happens when new ideas are put to the test and Lynn, Nick, and Matt are excited to help pharmacists and students push new ideas to drive the progress of pharmacy.