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Pharmacy Podcast Digital Health Media Kit 2016

The Pharmacy Podcast Show gives pharmacy industry companies, pharma-consultants, brands, pharmaceutical lines, wholesalers, and guest-publishers dynamic content that goes way beyond print advertising or electronic visual media.

The Pharmacy Podcast Show is an enhancement, an additive, and an enrichment to any written or visual advertisement. Give your testimonial, voice your mission, speak your vision, and state your passion for our pharmacy industry.

The 1st and only audio-blog #DigitalHealth Publication dedicated to the business of Pharmacy.

How will you dynamically reach your audience, prospects, customers, and industry peers? We have over 50,000 subscriber-listeners and over 1 million downloads. As the saying goes “Content is King” but Dynamic Content Rules.

Here’s some 4 interesting insights to the power of podcasting as an influential lead development tool:

1- Choice & Action

  • Listening to a podcast is “intentional”, not “accidental”. Unlike an AM/FM radio dial where listeners may scan for alternatives when they hear something they don’t like, podcast listeners make a thoughtful action based decision when deciding which podcast to listen to.

2- Host Interaction

  • By choice,  any of the of the commercial spots heard on the Pharmacy Podcast Show are voiced by the hosts. All of our sponosrs see value in the integration of their value / selling message in this manner, more so than a pre-produced thirty-second commercial. It’s sincerity versus over-produced.

3- Audience Acceptance

  • Listeners realize podcasts are a work of love generated by the host or a team of producers. They are willing to spend the time with, and are responsive to, commercial messages knowing that dollars spent on these spots make it possible for the continued production of the podcast. Pharmacy Podcast Show is the FIRST & ONLY Podcast dedicated to the business of pharmacy.

4- Your voice (literally) your message:

  • Sponsors are appreciative of the fact that their commercial message will not be third or fourth in a cluster. Our new format inserts two commercial messages per episode and formats the program as follows:Pre-roll CommercialIn & About the Podcast Subject / Topic Content

    Midroll Commercial

    Post Podcast Content

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