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Flu Shots, Birth Control, & Bad Jokes

Problem’s of the World SOLVED!

Pharmacist’s Favorite Patient

Doc-JW & Dr. Shaw discuss the complexities of their favorite patients.

Customer: *walks straight up to the counter* “Hi. I can’t find your stamps.”

Me: “Uh, sorry, ma’am; we don’t sell stamps here.”

Customer: *immediately becomes frustrated* “What kind of post office doesn’t sell stamps!?”

Me: *indicates to medications surrounding the entire counter* “This is a pharmacy. The post office is just down the hall.”

Customer: “SO?!”

(She then stormed out the door as though we had offended her.)

The State of Assholism

Dr. JW & Dr. Shaw navigate the deep, confusing, controversial, (sometimes stinky) waters of patient characteristics, the crazies, and the grocery shoppers using the prescription pick up drive through.

What’s the definition of ‘Assholism’? 

Listen to this episode of the RxRated Podcast to find out.

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In the Rx-Trenches with Dr. Shaw

Special Guest, Pharmacist, WiseCracker, Comedian, & Future RxRated Podcast Co-Host –

Dr. Maurice Shaw!


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The millennial mindset & our Zombie Culture. Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

Why does it seem like we live in a ZOMBIE CULTURE. No one seems to think for themselves? The 20 to 30 age rangers are a bunch of BANDWAGON LIBERALS with no understanding of Character, Liberty, and what your “WORDS” truly mean. Over-sensitive weenies with no backbone and controlled by the “FEELS”. Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean YOU’RE RIGHT!!! The real world doesn’t hand out “participation trophies” so roll up your sleeves, SHUT YOUR MOUTHS, and GET TO WORK and prove yourself by DOING not by SAYING!! Your words are USELESS without ACTION to back them up.

SOAPBOX Scrub done. RANT OVER!! Make it an #RxRated Weekend.

 Cocks, Cash, & Collusion

3 Cocks talk Pharmacy Cash and Collusion as we’re joined by Uncle Todd’s Goatee on the old Twitterspere @MyLifesaDesert with the one and only Dr. Winger and the T-Dawg on the latest RxRated Podcast.

Listen to the whole show,…you won’t regret it. Think about it, like, 48 minutes of your life you will never get back.

But, seriously, you’re a fool if you listen to the whole thing, though.

Sex, Drugs, & Dirty DIR Fees

The RoguePharm joins me and JW,…that’s JAY-DOUBA-YAH. Here’s what we’re bitching about. Please excuse Rogue, she’s got a sailors mouth. Gosh!!

What the hell is up with DIR Fees? 
(Reference #2:
Why are national Big PBMs such greedy assholes? 
What about the greed in healthcare Marcy?
What’s the deal with Amazon’s plans for Pharmacy? 
  • CNBC has reported on Amazon’s early moves in the health sector, starting with the $560 billion prescription drug market.
  • Goldman Sachs says Amazon might start by partnering with a pharmacy benefit manager.
The Future of Pharmacy 

 What’s the Meaning of Life? 

The first (long awaited) RXRated Podcast Show, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. We welcome Dr. Jeffrey Winger – RXRated co-host, we talk about the future of the new show, how to make a million-billion dollars, how to loose 35 pounds in 35 hours, how to gain the mind control of your significant other and become their master.

Okay, that last one was far fetched,….but the first two sounded good. Ehh?

Spread the news, share this podcast. Don’t be part of the #assholism of this world and be nice and share this damn podcast, sunnsa-bitches!!! JUST SHARE IT!!! What’s your problem, you’re such a bullshit-asshole.

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See? Transparency here!