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Sex, Drugs, & Dirty DIR Fees

The RoguePharm joins me and JW,…that’s JAY-DOUBA-YAH. Here’s what we’re bitching about. Please excuse Rogue, she’s got a sailors mouth. Gosh!!

What the hell is up with DIR Fees? 
(Reference #2:
Why are national Big PBMs such greedy assholes? 
What about the greed in healthcare Marcy?
What’s the deal with Amazon’s plans for Pharmacy? 
  • CNBC has reported on Amazon’s early moves in the health sector, starting with the $560 billion prescription drug market.
  • Goldman Sachs says Amazon might start by partnering with a pharmacy benefit manager.
The Future of Pharmacy 

 What’s the Meaning of Life? 

The first (long awaited) RXRated Podcast Show, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. We welcome Dr. Jeffrey Winger – RXRated co-host, we talk about the future of the new show, how to make a million-billion dollars, how to loose 35 pounds in 35 hours, how to gain the mind control of your significant other and become their master.

Okay, that last one was far fetched,….but the first two sounded good. Ehh?

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No we don’t, we just want this podcast to take off and sell it for a chunk of change.

See? Transparency here!