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Episode is brought to you by the new book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later  Kindle ebook – now available on […]

March 22, 2018 Community Pharmacy, The Pharmacist Life

Episode is brought to you by the new book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later 

Kindle ebook – now available on Amazon:


Pre-order your physical book copy at: 

Thanks for coming to SXSW Interactive Health Mentoring Session and inspiring this podcast!

Stats on Side Hustles:

40% of the workforce in the US will be freelance by 2020:


By 2020:


Jacob Morgan – Future of Work podcast:   

Dorie Clark –  Entrepreneurial You:


Dan Pink’s book:

Robert G. Allen book:

Side Hustle Options:

1.     Writing

a.     Digital social media – Mayo Social Media Residency:

b.     Blogging

c.     Newsletters

d.     Articles

e.     Books & ebooks – Self-Publishing School:

f.      Payhip – sell PDFs –

i.     Example: certifications for pharmacists:

2.     Entrepreneur overall – Adam Grant’s book, Originals:

3.     Speaking

4.     Merchandise – Teespring: or recycling items (see below #16)

a.     #STEMPrincess dolls:

5.     Health, wellness, or career development coaching – International Coaching Federation:

6.     Investing – Pete the Planner: Robinhood: Kiplinger’s magazine:

7.     Teaching – offline or live

8.     Consulting

9.     Courses – online –

a.     My 4 courses as an example from link above:

i.     57 Cool Jobs for pharmacists:

ii.     Certifications for pharmacists:

iii.     The MSL Career Primer:

iv.     Indiana State Pharmacy Law Prep for MPJE:

10.  Real estate – airbnb or home away to traditional flipping and rentals

11.  Other gigs in pharmacy

a.     Ex: Work in industry full time

b.     Can you work in retail/community practice part time?

i.     What is your day job’s policy?

ii.     Professional liability insurance outside of day job?

12.  Surveys/brand naming and consulting/secret shopper

13.  Help a nonprofit part time

a.     Does it help build other capital (like social network)?

b.     Learn new work skills – social media, podcasting, other ways?

14.  Uber/Lyft/Fasten, etc.

15.  Contract pharmacy gigs

16.  Recycling

a.     Letgo:

b.     Decluttr,

c.     bookscouter,

d.     raise,

e.     etsy,

f.      ebay

17.  Part time work – other

18.  Put all these wares on 99 Designs/Fiverr/LinkedIn/Wethos:


*In full disclosure: My affiliations are with Amazon, and Self-Publishing School.

**No financial or legal advice in this episode is given individually. Please consult an attorney or financial professional in your jurisdiction for your individual advice needs.