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Pharmacy Future Leaders – Sunish Shah

#PharmacyFutureLeaders Research and National Residency Searches Today we’re going to be talking with Sunish Shah, a Student Pharmacist in his […]

February 13, 2017 Pharmacy Future Leaders, Pharmacy Students


Research and National Residency Searches

Today we’re going to be talking with Sunish Shah, a Student Pharmacist in his final year at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Sunish currently practices as a pharmacotherapeutics tutor at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and as a Pharmacy Intern at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital.

Sunish is passionate about critical care medicine, infectious disease, mentorship within the profession of pharmacy and clinical research. He has recently been awarded first place for a parenteral nutrition study by the Delaware Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

  1. You are in a 0 – 6 program, so you had an early interest in health care, tell me about the influence your family had on your choice of the broader healthcare profession and narrower focus on pharmacy. Specifically, focus on the importance your family put on volunteerism
  1. You’re from Northern PA, but decided on Philadelphia, what made you choose your college?
  1. I’m from the DC suburbs and the living in Baltimore city was a shock to me at first, but I ended up loving the convenience and vibrancy of a big city. What do you like best about Philly?
  1. Tell me a little bit about the leadership roles you had between your freshman and sophomore year and how much you focus on the pharmacy in that part of your curriculum. At DMACC our students can take prepharmacy classes, but that’s a different experience than taking classes with your future professional classmates. 
  2. You’ve been tagged as a leader by your faculty as you’ve arrived at your P4 year, what innovative practices can you share that you’ve completed.
  1. You went to Mid-Year in Las Vegas, tell me about the experience and what you got out. You spent a day talking with residents and their posters, I’d like to hear about that.
  1. You’ve prioritized fit and research interests above location and finances, tell me what you’re looking at as you do your national search for the best fit residency.
  1. A college that has their students for six years instead of four has a bit of an advantage in creating longitudinal opportunities, tell me a little bit about your research experiences especially how a professor moved away, but you continued the research project.
  2. You’ve made a commitment to making an impact at each APPE rotation you’re in, tell me about the clinical progress you’ve made in cardiology, ID, and other clinical practices.
  1. You’ve made a clear choice to go for a residency rather than PhD or Fellowship, tell me how you made that decision.
  1. What does it mean to be a researcher to you, I understand the concept in a broad sense, but what experience do you need in professional school to move that title forward?
  1. 12. What blanket advice would you have for pre-pharmacy students? 

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