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Pharmacy Future Leaders – Ryan Cotten

#PharmacyFutureLeaders Managed Care / Health Policy / U of Minnesota Today we’re going to be talking with Ryan Cotten: Ryan […]

March 10, 2017 Pharmacy Future Leaders, Pharmacy Students


Managed Care / Health Policy / U of Minnesota

Today we’re going to be talking with Ryan Cotten:

Ryan Cotten is a 4th year University of Minnesota PharmD student passionate about creating unique solutions by managing limited healthcare resources. Following his P2 year, he interned at ClearScript learning about clinical services and the PBM industry. After his P3 year, he was AMCP chapter president and led his team to the AMCP National P&T Competition. He was the lead author on a health policy research paper “Pricing History Analysis of Orphan Drugs (1983-2015)” which he presented at two national pharmacy conferences. He’s looking to work in a managed care pharmacy residency to further grow as a leader and practitioner.

  1. Everyone’s leadership road is different, let’s start with where you are today, and how you got into your current position.
  1. How do you feel you became a leader/innovator and how did the opportunities in Minnesota specifically help you? You mentioned you are doing many of your experiences in state.
  1. Why did you specifically choose Minnesota in the first place? I’ve been to the Twin Cities, to Mall of Americas, Twins games, but what’s it like living in the Twin Cities?
  1. How do you fit the aspects of choosing, applying for and visiting potential managed care residencies in your P4 year?
  1. Can you tell us the difference between the importance of accreditation as it has to do with managed care versus other residencies?
  1. Students know where to go in looking for community or hospital residencies, but where do you look for managed care residencies? You mentioned a conference in Washington DC.
  1. What does it mean to be a managed care pharmacist, I understand the concept in a broad sense, but what experience do you need in professional school to move that title forward?

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