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Pharmacy Future Leaders – Jake Ready

#PharmacyFutureLeaders Today we will be talking with Jake Ready, new graduate of Butler University class of 2017. Jake has recently accepted a position […]

August 16, 2017 Pharmacy Future Leaders, Pharmacy Students


Today we will be talking with Jake Ready, new graduate of Butler University class of 2017. Jake has recently accepted a position as a staff pharmacist with Walgreens, but has explored several aspects of pharmacy prior to landing on the retail route. Throughout his time at Butler, Jake has acquired experience in various nontraditional pharmacy areas. Specifically, Jake spent a rotation with Eli Lilly exploring the industrial side of pharmacy, as well as a rotation abroad in Ecuador. While in school, Jake had work experience not only as a retail intern, but also as a clinical contractor for a company based in London, England. Despite his busy schedule, Jake also managed to plan his wedding on top of all of his pharmacy commitments.

  1. How did you decide on the career path of pharmacy? And how did that path lead to you become a bulldog at Butler?
  2. You are a new Butler graduate, can you speak a little bit about the new NAPLEX, how you studied for it, any tips or tricks for those preparing to take it in the future?
  3. Looking over your CV, it is apparent that Butler has prepared you well for your future. Butler is a small private liberal arts college. Can you tell us about your transcontinental pharmaceutical involvement? You have worked as a clinical contractor for 2 years in London, England, and you went abroad for one of your rotations to Ecuador. First of all, how did you become involved in these experiences and what did they entail?
  4. You also volunteered your time for an international medical trip back in 2015. Do you have a strong desire to travel, or how did you become involved in this and what was your draw to going abroad?
  5. You not only balanced pharmacy school, work involvement as an intern at Walgreens and an RA on campus, several different community service opportunities, but you also planned a wedding! How did you balance planning a wedding, pharmacy school, and quickly after the wedding embarking on a year of rotations?
  6. While at Butler you spent a few semesters as a laboratory assistant. Can you speak to why you were interested in teaching experiences?
  7. It really looks like you have explored many different avenues that pharmacists can practice in. Specifically, you spent a rotation involving industrial pharmacy at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. Usually when people think of pharmacy they think either hospital or retail. What was your time like at this rotation?
  8. What is next on the docket of activities for your personal and professional future?
  9. What kind of advice would you give to current rotation students?
  10. What is your daily ritual?
  11. What is the best career advice you have received or given?
  12. What inspires you?
  13. What is the best way to contact you?

Jake Ready, PharmD