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From Pharmacist to Changing the World: the Fit Pharmacist

Today on The Fit Pharmacist Podcast of the Pharmacy Podcast Network we have our very own Dr. Erin Albert: an award-winning […]

April 23, 2018 Community Pharmacy

Today on The Fit Pharmacist Podcast of the Pharmacy Podcast Network we have our very own Dr. Erin Albert: an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, health outcomes pharmacist, attorney, coach, podcaster and speaker. She is the founder of two companies (Pharm, LLC and Yuspie, LLC), and a health outcomes pharmacist for an accounting firm. She has penned over a dozen books on a range of topics, including entrepreneurship, career development, and pharmacy practice.

In addition, she also podcasts for the Pharmacy Podcast Network under the channel entitled: Pharming Your Career, which is about healthcare career development.  She was named an Indianapolis Business Journal 2017 Woman of Influence. Her most recent book is Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later, and she just returned from SXSW where she was a speaker and mentor!



Your story- from Pharmacist to Changing the World! What is Your WHY?


-Started as PIC – can have immediate impact on pt care

-Pharmaceutical Industry: working hard to impact patients

-Academia X 10 years at pharmacy school

-Writing and contributing

-Accounting firm & government health outcomes payers

-Blogging X 10 years ago, initially no pharmacy, then shifted to serve followers

-Mission to elevate health and care for healthcare

-How to develop robust content for voice-activated devices

-How do I do the career portfolio thing? 

How to Focus in a Distracted World to Optimize Your Time


-Commit, carry the ball all the way through to the end zone

-You cannot work on multiple books at once: focus on ONE thing

-Lifelong learner = best way to master your craft

-Break down tasks to small chunks so they’re not overwhelming

-Keep focused and in the moment: look at one year, break it down to quarters, then to months

Advice for Where to Start/Not Get Overwhelmed or Caught Up in Details


-Make it

-We all have interruptions

-Priorities, mission, what to focus on, people hijacking your time and inboc

-There is a reason why the letters N and O are next to the others in the alphabet

How to Make An Impact

-Gear to present day, value of the profession, not just one on one

-APPE Rotation

-Think who they are: strengths finder, Take 5; What’s your mission? *payhip- create a CV of your own personality- YOUR

-Lottery Test: if you won, what would you do

-Curate content, not just create it

-What is your exciting therapeutic area? Pick one, then a passion outside of pharmacy, and see if the two mash up

-Sharing the

*Spring clean on yourself! Pull out your list and objectively look at it

How people can reach the guest!


How People Can Reach Dr. Albert:

-Twitter: erinlablert

-Anchor channel:


-IG: @erinalbert



Social for the show notes: 


-IG: @erinalbert


-*Twitter: @ErinLAlbert @PharmingCareers @Pharmllc




-Free download cheat sheet on pharmacy APPE precepting:

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