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Medical Tourism via Pharmacists – PAYSA Health Services

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD interviews Michael Haulsee, PharmD.  PAYSA Health Services   Pharmacists Assuring Your Safe Access Michael is CEO and […]

November 12, 2016 Community Pharmacy, Politics & Industry Trends

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD interviews Michael Haulsee, PharmD. 

PAYSA Health Services  

Pharmacists Assuring Your Safe Access

Michael is CEO and Co-founder of PAYSA Health Services. It has always been his vision to create a sustainable ecosystem for healthcare where the geographical borders would cease to exist for quality healthcare access. As technology grows and advanced medical techniques are being developed and practiced across the globe, the concept of the international patient is being more and more relevant. According to him, there should be more connectivity between quality healthcare and the patient. At the same time there must be 100% transparency on quality and cost parameters so the patient makes an educated decision. It was this noble notion and his years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry that led to the formation of PAYSA Health Services (PHS), where any patient seeking the best care can look for options and form a well informed decision about seeking treatment in a foreign country. PAYSA Health Services facilitates the patient in the process and acts as an end to end support system for them.

From his early days as a clinical pharmacist to international consultant, Dr. Haulsee has developed a keen understanding of the complicated dynamics that can impact effective business. His unique method to empower a client encourages solution development that leads to success. Dr. Haulsee’s experience is gained through his involvement within many facets of the pharmaceutical industry; manufacturing to wholesale to retail. Dr. Haulsee has owned pharmacy businesses worldwide, developed pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, assisted in the successful formation of international specialty pharmacies, and has become keenly knowledgeable of foreign cultural and regulatory differences.

He is also CEO and Founder of TCS Coaching and Business Consulting, a consultancy that provides strategic operational, marketing, and organizational support to individuals and businesses within the specialty pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Haulsee holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from Mercer University and BS in Biology from East Tennessee University. Dr. Haulsee proudly holds prestigious memberships to IACP (International Association of Compounding Pharmacists), PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America), FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation), Toastmaster Competent Communicator, and is certified member with Napoleon Hill Leadership and Gazelles Coaching. For over 20 years, Dr Haulsee has assisted many small to medium sized businesses within the pharma industry to development more than $150 million in revenue.

From entrepreneurs, start-ups, to established businesses, Dr Haulsee’s continues to impart his unique talent to coach others to their “next steps for success.”

PAYSA Health Services


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