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Design Thinking in Pharmacy [PART 1]

Pharming Your Career Show Notes: Biography:  Fiona Sartoretto Verna  Italian Licensed Architect, landscape architect, and painter Fiona Sartoretto Verna has lived […]

February 13, 2018 Community Pharmacy, The Pharmacist Life

Pharming Your Career Show Notes:

Italian Licensed Architect, landscape architect, and painter Fiona Sartoretto Verna has lived for several years in the United States where she worked on the east coast in the beginning of her architectural career.
Married with two daughters now, she travels all around the globe researchininnovative concepts in retail pharmacy. The constant study of pharmacies worldwide indifferent countries helps her create and hone her unique expertise in economic, financial and commercial management of pharmacy designs. Currently, she is one of the owners of Sartoretto Verna Pharmacy Design Worldwide:
( that has its headquarters in Rome, Italy, where she lives. Other offices and showrooms are located in Turin, North of Italy.
Although Sartoretto Verna is a multi-generation family business, Fiona has been responsible for the internationalization of Sartoretto Verna, and she has participated inthe renovation of over 1,000 independent and chain pharmacies in 28 countries. In2015 and 2016, Sartoretto Verna won 1st prize for two consecutive years the prestigious Italian award of Innovation & Research with the Cosmofarma Jury inBologna, Italy.  Her vision is to create unique, professional pharmacies that focus on outstanding customer service and experiences, versus commercial pharmacies that only compete on price and discounts.
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