Drug Enforcement Agency Attack on Pharmacy

During a strange time in our country’s history, with many of our government agencies under tremendous scrutiny based on events of misuse in power for reasons the public is fully unaware, we look to another government agency with much concern.   The Drug Enforcement Agency – is part of the United States Department of Justice and their operating practices effecting the community pharmacy industry  seem anything but “just”. 

Blog – by Terry Forshee RPh., regarding the recent D.E.A. activity against Pharmacy 

Letter to the Editor of USA Today

As a practicing community pharmacist I read with interest the story on the fine agreed to by Walgreen’s Pharmacies. Since they agreed to the fine I assume that Walgreen’s agrees that they had a lack of control and has now taken steps to correct this oversight.

My concern is how the DEA spokesperson is so quick to point the finger at pharmacist’s oversight, wholesaler’s oversight but never seem to accept responsibility for the ultimate source of this problem. After all, which government agency licenses practitioners and enables them to prescribe these drugs in egregious quantities? Exactly the DEA! Who licenses the clinics that open? Exactly, the DEA! Who solicits from ALL of the major Pharmacy Benefits Managers dispensing data that shows who is writing these prescriptions? Exactly, the DEA!

My point is, why don’t they act on the entity that INITIATES the prescriptions? Because they are infringing on a physician’s decision making and that scares them to death! They are not physicians! By the time they get around to the obvious, thousands if not millions of prescriptions have been written.

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