Pharmacy Marketing Podcast – with Scot Maitland

Sponsored by: Pestle Packing Sales 

Pestle Packing Sales was designed to build sales for the independent pharmacy through a series of steps that are repeatable. The four modules are packed with powerful techniques you can start using on DAY ONE.

Who should participate in Pestle Packing Sales?

•  The pharmacist who wants to grow her business

•  The sales rep who needs to visit docs and learn at the same time

•  The marketer who could use help understanding her market

•  The technician who wants to move beyond the lab and into the field

•  The pharmacist who is ready to add a new niche market

•  The employee who wants to go from a mere job to real career

•  The sales rep who is ready for a new challenge

•  An experienced marketer who wants to hone organization skills